Fighters of the 47th Iranian Brigade flee Albu Kamal desert.

Naher Media -DeirEzzor

In the city of Albukamal and its countryside, Naher Media reporters monitored the escape of many fighters of the 47th Brigade of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the city, from the points of their points located deep in the Syrian desert.

Naher Media’s correspondent said: “Two groups of 16 fighters from Brigade 47 had escaped from their points in the desert of the town of Salihiya, west of the city, towards unknown places within the areas controlled by the Syrian regime forces.”

And the reporter suggested that the reasons for the escape operation were due to push the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia fighters of the brigade towards the front lines in the face of the “ISIS” in the desert, in addition to the repeated air strikes against the Iranian militias, by the Israeli air force.

And “Naher Media” monitored similar escapes at the beginning of this year, following which the Afghan Fatimion militia carried out a campaign of raids that targeted the fleeing fighters homes in the city of Albukamal.